Xuna for Congress
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In memory of the valiant Xuna for Congress political campaign.

 JUAN XUNA ran as NPA  (No-Party-Affiliation)

Candidate to US Congress (Florida District #22)

 <<- Incumbent is Republican Congressman Clay Shaw.

 Democrat hopeful was Carol Roberts. ---->>

How is Juan Xuna pronounced?  Juan as "Who-Ann",  and  Xuna as "Shoe-Nah"

To avoid overcrowding this site, I have created another website, where political issues are analyzed in depth. To go there, please, click this link to go there -->>  www.Gr8St8.com

Gr8St8 for "Great State" exclusively dedicated  to issues .  


Xuna.com focuses on the campaign and the candidate.

With wife Mona, and our daughter Alana. My sons:  Kelvin (l), Ryan (m) and Jason (r) (with Chaco) 
bullet Volunteers needed, please click here, or on page titled "VOLUNTEERS"
bullet Funds needed, please click here, or on page titled "CONTRIBUTIONS"
Disclaimer.-  Throughout the years, I have accumulated cutouts from magazines, many of which are now embellishing this website's pages.  I also use many motionless icons, as well as active "Javas", some of which have been replicated from other websites.  These items make the text easier to read, and make it more documenting.  I am using many pictures that I rightfully own.  But other pictures, or icons, or diagrams  shown on these pages came from those cutouts or from website-replications, and may have copyrights.  I cannot give credit to the Authors/Programmers, because -honestly- I do not know who they are.  But this is a non-profit site.  Therefore,  it is legal to show pictures or diagrams which have already been published elsewhere and -therefore- are public domain.  I feel obligated -however- to indicate that most of the illustrations shown on my campaign sites, came from magazines/newspapers to which I am subscribed (Business Week, Newsweek, Times, National Geographic, Forbes, Scientific American, The Herald, Sun-Sentinel, ...)   In particular there is a book from where I got many of the international comparisons and schematics.  This book is THE STATE OF THE WORLD ATLAS  by Dan Smith (c) .       Sincerely ,   Juan Xuna.


New Address: Stuart, FL 34997Phn: (772) 324-1123,   Fax:(561) 210-1370,  Email: Xuna@MSN.com 

"LEGACY WEBSITE": Will remain unaltered for foreseeable future.